New Delhi: The US State Department has released its annual analytical report on human rights issues on Monday and claimed that India witnessed a number of human rights violations in 2022, including murder in judicial custody, press freedom, violence targeting religious and ethnic minorities.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s department has released an annual human rights report that informs the US Congress about the human rights situation around the world. The annual report criticises large-scale human rights violations in Russia and China, along with several other countries such as Iran, North Korea and Myanmar.

“There is a lack of accountability for official corruption at all levels of government, leading to criminals not being punished in time,” the report claimed in the Indian side.

At the same time, the report claims that the conviction rate in cases is also very low due to laxity in law enforcement, lack of trained police officers and a burdened and resource-starved court system.

India had earlier rejected such reports of the US government.

India has stressed that the practice of well-established democracy needs to be further strengthened to protect the rights of all in India, the report said.

The US report claimed that there were also incidents of internet restrictions, restrictions on peaceful assembly, torture of international human rights organizations at home and abroad.

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