Toronto: Snow warnings are still in place in the Greater Toronto Area and could also cause traffic problems in the near term.

The day started with drizzle and snow, but by evening, the weather took a turn and the temperature dropped drastically as well as rain was replaced by heavy snowfall.

The snow warning ended before 3:00 p.m. in Halton, Peel and Hamilton. But the travel advisory for these regions was also continued. Snow warnings are still in place in York and Durham, as well as most of eastern Ontario.

Travel advisories are also in place in Toronto. Along with this, the weather has been predicted to worsen with strong winds. The GTA is expected to receive up to 15 cm of snow.

“The Collision Reporting Center was empty until yesterday and today the parking lot has been filled with vehicle collisions and accidents due to bad weather,” said OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt.

According to the weather agency, the blizzard was caused by a low-pressure system built towards the US and strong winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour in the morning.

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