Chandigarh: As the dairy sector in the southern State faces an acute shortage of green fodder and hay, the Punjab government has agreed to send paddy straw to Kerala.

The state produces around 20 million tonnes of stubble every year. These days, the central government, including Haryana, is constantly accusing Punjab of stubble burning. In the midst of this, it is considered to be a big decision of the Punjab government.

Shortage of fodder in Kerala

Kerala has decided to take stubble from Punjab as the coastal state of Kerala does not produce the required fodder for animals due to lack of cultivable land. Punjab is followed by Kerala in milk production in the country.

This decision of both the governments will benefit lakhs of milk producers of Kerala.

29400 incidents from September 15 to November 5

According to data released by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), a total of 29,400 incidents of stubble burning have been detected in Punjab alone between September 15 and November 5 this year. This was followed by 2,530 in Haryana, 2,246 in MP, 927 in UP, 587 in Rajasthan and 9 in Delhi.

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