Surrey: Mayor Brenda Locke on Friday said the city council has decided to retain the RCMP as police force of jurisdiction. 

She said a vote in the favour of retaining the RCMP was held on Thursday. 

“There is no question the decision on policing in Surrey rests with Surrey Council and the Premier and Solicitor General have confirmed this fact,” the Mayor said. 

“Surrey Council and I were committed to making an informed decision. We signed the non-disclosure agreement with the Province and have reviewed the Ministry report and requirements, thoroughly. We asked our City staff to prepare a report supplementing the information within the Ministry’s report,” Brenda Locke said in a statement. 

She said the impacts of continuing with the transition are incredibly significant and had to be considered. 

“The Solicitor General has imposed a number of binding conditions on the city council, which we fully intend to meet. However, we require the cooperation of the Province to do so. On Thursday, I spoke with both the Premier and the Solicitor General and I am satisfied that they are prepared to work in the spirit of cooperation,” she further added. 

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