Surrey: RCMP has been advising the public against Facebook rental scams. The Mounties said these types of scams are on the rise and scammers target individuals looking for rental properties.

The Mounties said in June, Surrey RCMP received multiple complaints related to scams specific to rental property advertisements on Facebook Marketplace.

“The scam usually involves an individual who is actively seeking a rental property. The suspect advertises a property and explains that the property is really high in demand. In order to secure the property, the suspect demands the potential renter to send a deposit without viewing the property. In some cases, the suspect asks for personal information and an e-transfer without meeting in person. Once the information and money is received, the suspect usually ends communication with the renter,” the RCMP said in a statement.  

The Surrey RCMP have also mentioned several ways to protect people from scams. 

According to the police, a person should never provide any personal information to unknown people over Facebook, always verify who is messaging by calling the person, never send money or provide credit card information to someone without verification and ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion on the advertisement.

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