A group of three people chosen by the government is investigating the ethnic violence in Manipur. They’ve got about 11,000 written statements from people affected by the violence. Most of these statements are from individuals, but some are from community groups too. The government set up stations where people could easily write down their experiences, and it didn’t cost anything.

The investigation team, led by Ajai Lamba, a former judge, along with Himanshu Shekhar Das and Aloka Prabhakar, both retired government officials, is looking into all these statements. They’ll also be asking questions to the Manipur government and the national government about what happened and how it was handled.

The team plans to talk to witnesses, both regular people and government workers, before they finish their report.

The violence happened because of tensions between two groups, the Kuki-Zo tribe and the majority Meitei people. It started in one place but quickly spread, leading to many deaths and thousands of people having to leave their homes.

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