Fort Nelson: Overnight, the wildfire near Fort Nelson, B.C., has advanced, now standing just 1.5 kilometers away from the town’s western outskirts, according to the mayor. Fueled by strong winds, the Parker Lake fire, which spans 53 square kilometers, continues its push towards the northeastern British Columbia town. Mayor Rob Fraser emphasized that the fire’s proximity to the community hinges on weather conditions, with forecasts suggesting a westerly wind that could escalate the threat. Evacuation orders were issued on Friday for Fort Nelson’s approximately 4,000 residents and the nearby Fort Nelson First Nation, as two other significant fires to the north and east rekindled earlier in the week. The Nogah Creek fire, now exceeding 600 square kilometers, blazes around 60 kilometers east of Fort Nelson, while the Patry Creek fire, reignited on May 2, spans 34 square kilometers and lies approximately 50 kilometers north of town. Both fires remain out of control.

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