New Delhi: In the last 10 days, three BJP leaders have been killed in Bastar, Chhattisgarh. Naxals are being accused of murder.

The Director General of Police has written a letter in this case and asked the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to investigate. The BJP alleges that its leaders are being selectively targeted. Meanwhile, the state police has made it mandatory for the leaders in Bastar to inform the police before their visit so that proper security arrangements can be made for the person concerned.

On January 16, BJP district minister Budhram Kartam was killed in Bastar. On February 5, Bijapur BJP mandal president Neelkanth Kakkam, Narayanpur BJP vice-president Sagar Sahu on February 10 and BJP leader Ramdhar Alami were killed on the border of Dantewada-Narayanpur district across the Indravati river on February 11.

The BJP is angry with the killing of its leaders and party workers protested in 12 assembly seats in Bastar against these killings, calling it a big conspiracy. This will be followed by protests in 90 assembly constituencies of the state.

On February 17, more than 400 roads of the state will be blocked for two hours in 78 assembly constituencies of four divisions.

A round of political accusations has also started on this issue. Former Chief Minister Raman Singh said, “Four senior colleagues were killed in four districts. In Narayanpur, Dantewada, Bastar, there were identifications and murders in different districts. In Narayanpur, our vice-president Sagar Sahu is killed. Neelkanth Kakkam is murdered, Budhram Katram was murdered in Bastar.”

The manner in which four murders have taken place in just one month of senior BJP colleagues certainly shows that it is part of a conspiracy. A period of violence has started in the state. Allegations are being levelled against the Congress government, so they are writing to the NIA to get rid of the charge.”

State CM Bhupesh Baghel said, “Bharatiya Janata Party leaders died. They feel that the investigation is not being done properly and they are also protesting. Earlier also, when we were investigating Jhiram, the NIA had taken over directly. We had formed an SIT, against which they had earlier gone to court. In this case, the DG has written a letter to the Director General of NIA to get it done by the NIA so that the BJP people are satisfied.”




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