Victoria: Transit riders in Fraser Valley have been facing a tough time following a labour dispute between First Transit and members of CUPE Local 561. 

The provincial government has been making efforts to end this dispute. 

On Thursday, Labour Minister Harry Bains appointed Vince Ready as a special mediator in the ongoing labour dispute. 

Harry Bains said, “This dispute has been incredibly challenging for everyone who relies on the bus service. The prolonged absence of transportation has had real impacts on residents in the region.”

“After recent talks with both parties, I have made the appointment of Vince Ready. He is a highly regarded mediator among the labour, business and public-sector communities, and I am confident he will do everything he can to help the parties end this labour dispute,” said the Labour Minister.

Harry Bains said Vince Ready will work with the parties for up to 10 days to secure a resolution to the ongoing strike. 

If a settlement cannot be reached within this timeline, he will issue recommendations to end the dispute, with both parties having five days to accept or reject the recommendations, he added. 

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