Toronto: John Tory will remain mayor of Toronto until wednesday’s city budget meeting.

York Centre–Downsview councillor James Pasternak told reporters that Tory would attend a budget meeting to be held in the middle of this week before formally resigning as mayor. Despite one-third of the city council’s support, the Tory is likely to pass the budget using its special powers, including the veto.

On Friday night, Tory announced his resignation from his post after admitting that he had an affair with his former staff member. Their relationship began during the COVID-19 pandemic and reportedly ended with mutual consent in early 2023. The identity of the 31-year-old woman has not been revealed.

Tory was married in 1978 to Barbara Hackett, a home builder and renovator. Tory acknowledged that they should work to improve their personal relationships. Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvey will play the interim role of mayor after Tory resigns.

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