Toronto: The winter travel season is yet to begin, but just now some passengers say that they are facing problems at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Many passengers have to wait for two hours to get their belongings.

A passenger on Toronto Pearson said she came to Canada last week and hundreds of people at the airport had to wait for their turn to get the luggage. But the airline did not give any reason for the delay.

Recently, pictures from the airport showed that Pearson’s baggage hall was crowded with people and many could not find their bags.

People said that there was even more anger among the people due to no response from the airline. When a woman asked the airport baggage handler the reason for the delay in getting the luggage, she said that she did not have the staff. There were only five baggage handlers for all flights that night.

The same employee said that normally there are 30 baggage handlers in each shift at the airport.

On this, Air Canada said that they are making concrete efforts to recruit more staff. Canada’s Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said that between February and June, the arrival of passengers increased by 280 percent. Due to the increase in the arrival of passengers and non-completion of staff, there was a delay in getting goods to the passengers. It is being reformed soon.

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