Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Police has said that Trinamool Congress spokesperson Saket Gokhale has prepared fake documents of the expenditure of Rs 30 crore on PM Modi’s Visit to Morbi.

A top source in the cyber cell said that Saket Gokhale, in his tweet, used the font of Gujarat Samachar in the media clipping, saying that this is an RTI reply, which states that Rs 30 crore has been spent.

When the police investigated Gujarat samachar, they refused to file RTI. A cyber police source said that the entire RTI was prepared by Saket Gokhale himself. Due to all this, the police immediately converted the complainant into an FIR.

Gujarat Police said Trinamool Congress leader Saket Gokhale alleged in forged documents that Rs 30 crore was spent on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Morbi after the bridge collapse.

Saket Gokhale was arrested last night from Jaipur for a tweet on PM Modi’s visit, stating that “RTI has revealed that Rs 30 crore was spent on PM’s Morbi visit”, marking it as “fake” by the government’s fact-checking unit.

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