Toronto: Two persons have been arrested and charged after an inspection of a store selling Magic Mushroom and other such products.

Toronto police said that they had conducted a search in commercial premise called “Shroomyz,” under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. It was found that psilocybin, and psilocybin derived edibles and food items prepared from it were sold at this store. The dispensary is located near Dannison Avenue on Queen Street West.

Police raided this premises on Saturday and arrested two persons from here. The arrested men were identified as Fabricio Osores 20, of Hamilton and Seyon Tharmathasan, 23, of Toronto.

The two men were charged with possession of a banned substance with intent to smuggle and committing crimes of more than $5,000 and were charged in the case. He will be produced before the court on January 12.

During the search warrant, the police also found dried Psilocybin, Psilocybin derived edibles, (also known as magic mushrooms), and a quantity of proceeds of crime, police said.

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