Toronto: A veteran police officer and another person were killed and three others injured in two shootings in Ontario, Canada, on Monday.

The suspect who carried out both the shootings was later killed in police action, police said.

Earlier, police sent emergency alerts over the phone to people after shootings in Mississauga and Milton, Ontario, saying they were looking for the shooter in Toronto.

Toronto Mayor John Torrey said that he had previously met with Andrew Hong, the officer killed in the shooting and “He was a gentleman.”

Toronto Police Chief James Ramer said Hong, 48, was shot from close range. Peel police Chief Nishan Duraiappah said, “He was shot for no reason during the lunch break and I can say that it was an ambush.” Another person was seriously injured in the firing and is being treated, he said.

Duraiappah said that after executing the incident, the armed suspect fled in a black jeep and then police were informed of the shooting in Milton, in which one person was killed and two others were injured.

He said the suspect fled the scene and was later killed in an encounter with police at a cemetery in Hamilton, Ontario. The police are yet to reveal the identity of the accused. Peel Regional Police Constable Heather Cannon later said there was no threat to public safety anymore.

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