London: Akshata Murty, the wife of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has suffered a loss of $ 61 million. On Monday, shares of Infosys Limited fell drastically and Akshata Murty owns a 0.94% stake in Indian software giant Infosys, co-founded by his father N Narayana Murthy. This is the biggest loss to Akshata Murty since Rishi Sunak became PM.

According to a Bloomberg report, after the fall in Infosys shares on Monday, the downgrade by brokers started. Infosys shares closed with the biggest fall of 9.4% on Monday since March 2020. However, the damage to Akshata Murty is only a fraction of the Sunak family’s property. Akshata Murty’s stake is still over 450 million pounds. At the same time, Rishi Sunak’s office refused to comment on this matter.

She has not given up Indian citizenship even after living in Britain due to this, she has not received the British citizen. According to British law, Akshata does not have to pay any tax on earnings from outside the UK. British citizens have to pay this tax due to this, questions have been raised on Sunak and Akshata. Sunak had earlier said that the opposition was conspiring to defame his wife.

Akshata owns about $1 billion worth of Infosys shares. He is richer than Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth had assets of about $ 460 million. She is counted among the richest women in Europe.


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