Toronto: Amarpreet Samra alias (Chucky), who was included in the list of Canada’s top 11 gangsters, was shot dead in Vancouver on Sunday.

According to media reports, he was shot when he was leaving a hall at around 1:30 pm after attending a wedding party at Fraserview Hall in Vancouver. He was dancing before his murder. There were about 60 people inside at the time when he was shot dead by unidentified assailants.

At the same time, his car was found burnt a short distance from the spot. Police suspect that his rival gang may have killed him.

Amarpreet Samra, 28, was associated with the UN gang, which had been at loggerheads with the rivals Brothers Keepers group for several years.

Police said that by the time the paramedics arrived, they had sent the victim to the CPR but he died on the spot.

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