Victoria: The government of British Columbia has decided to repeal a policy that enables BC Public Service employees to show their vaccination proof against Covid-19.

As per the new announcement, BC Public Service employees will no longer be required to provide vaccination proof from April 13.

In a press release, officials said the decision has been taken on the basis of the high level of vaccination among public-service employees and the current state of the pandemic. It is said that more than 98 per cent employees have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The BC government said with this decision, a small number of employees who are on administrative leave for not complying with the requirement will have an opportunity to return to the workplace. 

The Public Service Agency has provided direction to ministries and will work with supervisors to support a smooth transition. 

The decision means that contractors and other non-employees do not need to be vaccinated to enter BC public workplaces. 

However, despite lifting up these requirements, people are still required to be vaccinated for some places. The province says people are required to be vaccinated if they work in settings with provincial health officer orders or other vaccination requirements. 

Vaccine mandates remain in highest-risk settings where the most vulnerable live and are cared for. This includes facilities in the health-care system.

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