In a shocking turn of events, a lover’s quarrel prompted an attack on a girl by a food delivery executive in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

According to media reports, the girl and her boyfriend got into an aggressive argument after stepping out of Indira Gandhi Park. There have been two videos of the incident going viral on social media – one shows the woman abusing her boyfriend and hitting him, while the other shows the food delivery executive beating the young girl.

The girl claims that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another woman but promises to marry her.

According to the report, a food delivery executive intervened to pacify the heated argument. He reportedly objected to the woman’s explicit language. This only enraged the girl further, who accused the food delivery executive of using foul language. This led to an exchange of profanities, and the woman ended up slapping the delivery guy.

The delivery executive lost his temper and slashed the woman repeatedly all over her face and body. He shoved her, slapped her back, and face. Bystanders intervened and stopped him from hitting her further.

According to the report, neither the girl nor the delivery executive have filed a police complaint.

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