Chandigarh: Former Punjab minister Sunder Sham Arora, who was released from jail after five months after getting bail from the Punjab and Haryana High Court, was raided by vigilance at two locations in Hoshiarpur.

The officials carried out search operations at the Palace on Tanda Road and a shopping mall on the Jalandhar bypass in the city.

The bureau also has a civil engineering wing along with vigilance officers. Officials of the civil engineering wing measured the palace and shopping malls. Apart from this, how much expensive material has been used in the construction of palaces and shopping malls was examined.

Civil wing officials are carrying out a full evaluation of the palace and shopping malls. Only then will it be ascertained if wealth Sunder Sham Arora has amassed more than income while being a minister.

The Vigilance Bureau has also raided the house of former minister Sunder Sham Arora. The officials had measured everything from the courtyard to the bathroom outside the palatial house and also prepared a complete list of what is in the house.

During the measurement of the house and the listing of the goods lying in the house, the vigilance officials found a currency note counting machine. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, during his speech in Jalandhar last, also took a dig at Sunder Sham Arora for this.




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