Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MPs from all parties gathered for a special session in the House of Commons and paid their respect to Queen Elizabeth II.

Most of the MPs participated in this mourning session dressed in black.

The House of Commons held this historic opportunity to allow MPs to pay homage to the Queen ahead of a national commemorative ceremony being held in memory of the Queen on Monday.

On this occasion, many MPs paid tribute to the Queen by giving speeches and the MPs also agreed to continue this session on the second day, on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth at the session that began on Thursday morning.

He was followed by Conservative leader Pierre Polyeuvre, who began his new innings in the House of Commons by paying tribute to the Queen. Block Quebecois leader Yves François Blanche, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Green Party MP Mike Morris also paid tribute to the Queen.

A few moments of silence was observed in Chamber when every party leader paid tribute to the Queen. After this, for 10-10 minutes, the MPs came and paid tribute to the Queen by remembering her on Thursday.

PM Trudeau said, “En route to London. There, we’ll join people from around the world to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and pay tribute to her lifetime of public service.”

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