New Delhi: Meta Company’s service has resumed after after almost two hour-long outage. Meta’s popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, which is being used by millions of people, suddenly stopped working at around 12.30 pm on Tuesday.

After this, its users had to face a lot of problems as the WhatsApp was working, people were neither able to send messages on group chats nor in person.

Down Detector had confirmed that WhatsApp is not working for millions of people at the moment. According to this map, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow were affected. After this, WhatsApp has officially issued a statement saying that they realize the problems of the users. “We know that some people are having problems messaging and we are working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as soon as possible,” the meta company added.

This is not the first time WhatsApp has been down. Even before this, WhatsApp has been down many times. Last year, WhatsApp was down due to a malfunction in facebook server.

Now once again it has been down. After the WhatsApp went down, users flooded with different memes on the social media platforms.

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