Chandigarh: Giving an ultimatum till November 25, five months after the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, his father Balkaur Singh Sidhu said he would withdraw the FIR for the murder of his son as the government was trying to link his son with gangsters and he would leave the country.

Addressing a gathering at Musa village, he said he wanted to tell the government that if it wanted to make his son a part of gangsters, he would make the job of the government easier and he would withdraw the FIR lodged in Mansa. He said that he promises that he will wait for a month. He claimed that he has sought an appointment to meet DGP Gaurav Yadav.

He said that he wants to tell them what is on his mind. If they allow, they will give them the names of other persons involved in the murder. He will wait for a month and after that they will withdraw their FIRs and leave the country. Even if they have to stay in Bangladesh. He said he had no hope of justice from the agencies of this country.

He also did not call the B-team of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi for investigation. He alleged that gangsters were allowed to make calls in the US in the custody of sacked CIA in-charge of Mansa Pritpal Singh. He said he was an ex-serviceman and would not go against the law. He said the gangsters have been hiding in the same area for a month after killing his son.

He said Pritpal Singh took the money and gave a clean chit to those who had given shelter to these gangsters. “Shouldn’t the police re-investigate his role? Pointing to the NIA’s questioning of Punjabi singer and Moosewala’s close aide Afsana Khan, he said the gangster posted a post on social media and the NIA summoned those supporting it.

“When Sidhu was killed, I handed over his mobile phone, car and weapons to the police. They can check everything. They have also checked all the data from his gadgets, but nothing has been found. Now they are trying to find links with gangsters through co-stars. If they think they will prove that Moosewala was killed as part of the gang war then forget that I will not let them hide.

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