Manitoba: The Winnipeg police have arrested two people on various charges for distributing cannabis candies to trick-or-treaters on Monday night.

Police arrested a 63-year-old man and 53-year-old woman after police carried out a search at a house in the south end of Coleraine Crescent. Four packages of candies were also seized during the arrest, police say.

The police said that both are facing 13 counts each for distributing cannabis to minors, illegal cannabis, adult distribution of known illicit, causing harm by negligence and others charges after police found that cannabis candy were given to children in South Tuxedo.

Parents found THC “Nerds” candies in their children’s treat bags and investigators later learnt that the THC edibles were packaged along with regular full-size chocolate bars inside individual zipped sandwich bags.

Subsequently, teams were formed to investigate the matter and a search was carried out in a house from where both suspect were nabbed.

The children were between six to 16 aged group those received the candies from them in the south Tuxedo neighbourhood on Halloween, police said.

Meanwhile, the suspect were released on a promise to appear in the court. Parents and guardians are still encouraged to carefully check their children’s candy. This investigation is still ongoing, police said.

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