An open letter was sent from India Mahila Association, Aboriginal Women’s Action Network, Asian Women for Equality, Ending Violence Association of BC, Indo Canadian Women’s Organization, Surrey Women Centre, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter to Redfm Vancouver  about Harjinder Thind’s misogynistic comments.

The Women’s group in the letter demanding immediate action from RED FM and Harjinder Thind-

  1. Apologize for Harjinder Thind’s sexist comments
  2. In consultation with Women’s groups seek and undergo education & awareness training on the history of the advancement of women and diversity seeking groups’ rights & equality, gender-based violence and the impact of trauma.
  3. Dedicate significant air time to women’s groups on the topics of women’s reproductive rights; men’s responsibilities for child rearing; and how community, public health agencies, and family can support young mothers and women in general.




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