Punjab has this weird obsession for Canada, or Canade as they refer to it. A Punjabi living in Canada is no less than a celebrity in his village. In the early days, it was a very big deal if a Punjabi moved to Canada, but now things have changed a bit. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, as Canada is a beautiful country and there is an abundance of new homes in White rock and in other areas in and around Vancouver, which is probably the most popular place to live in Canada. Sikhs contribute to the 1.4% population of the country i.e. 468,670 Sikhs living in the country. The largest Sikh populations in Canada are found in British Columbia, followed by Ontario and then Alberta. However, Sikhs can be found in every province and territory within the country and Punjabi is the third most spoken language of the Parliament of Canada. But where did it all start? Kesur Singh, a Risaldar Major in the British India Army, is said to have been the first Sikh settler in Canada when he arrived in Vancouver onboard Empress of India in 1897. Other Sikhs soon followed suit, finding employment working on the Canadian Pacific Railway. They made enough money to send some back to relatives in India so that they too could immigrate to Canada. Sikhs are even considered to be the path makers for all other South Asian immigrants to the US & Canada.

But why do they love the place so much. Are the reasons here?

Community Already Settled

A major relaxation and a reason for a Punjabi to visit or live in Canada is that the community is already well settled in the country. There are many Gurdwaras, Punjabi Food, and culture well established in the country.

Hardly Any Racism

Canadians are known to be very kind and loving people. They don’t hate you for no reason, and especially for the way you look. They are kind and live and let live sort of people.

Better Education Opportunities

For students, there are infinite opportunities. Well established colleges and universities providing various degree and diploma. And education there is a serious business something you would enjoy doing as well.

Respect in Pind

Go to village in Punjab, if they have a well furnished and renovated huge Haveli, trust me kids are abroad. Bigger the house, more of the kids or longer a kid is abroad and earning dollars.

Dollars of Canada

Big attraction indeed to live in Canada is nothing but the Dollar or Daalar. This is amply reflected in the infinite Punjabi songs based on currencies like Dollar & Pound.

Peaceful Country

Canada ranks four in the United Nations Global Peace Index, which is one major reason you should also consider living in Canada.

Living Standards

Every one of us wants a high standard of living. We all want to improve from our present living standards. So does every Punjabi looking forward to live in Canada wants from his/her life.

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