New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi released eight cheetahs from Namibia to India on the occasion of his birthday in Kuno National Park.

During this, PM Modi himself took pictures of these cheetahs. After leaving the cheetahs, the PM had an address, in which he said that, when the cycle of time gives us a chance to improve the past and build a new future. Today fortunately, we have one such moment in front of us.

“Today we have got the opportunity to connect the link of biodiversity that was broken decades ago. Today, cheetahs have returned to Indian soil

Pm Modi said that, when we are away from our roots, we lose a lot,”he said.

Therefore, in this pious period of independence, we have reiterated the importance of ‘panchpranas’ like pride in our heritage and freedom from the mentality of slavery.

No meaningful effort to rehabilitate cheetahs: PM

“We have also seen a time in the last century when the exploitation of nature was considered a symbol of show of strength. In 1947, when only the last three cheetahs were left in the country, they were also hunted.

It was unfortunate that we declared cheetahs extinct in 1952, but there was no meaningful effort to rehabilitate them.”

He said that today, in the pious period of independence, the country has started rehabilitating cheetahs with new energy. Nectar has the power that can revive even the dead.

PM Modi further said that this is a work that no one gives importance to.

We put full force behind it, full planning was done, scientists did research and experts there also came to India. Surveys were conducted for the most suitable area for cheetahs across the country, after which Kuno National Park was selected. Today, that hard work of ours is in front of us as a result.

PM Modi said that to see the cheetahs left in Kuno National Park, the countrymen will have to show patience for a few months, wait. Today these cheetahs have come as guests, unaware of this area. To make Kuno National Park their home, we will have to give these cheetahs a few months. Following international guidelines, India is trying its best to settle these cheetahs. We don’t have to let our efforts fail.

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