New Delhi: The Canadian government may deport about 700 Indian students as their as visa documents found to be fake.

Canada’s Border Security Agency (CBSA) has reportedly issued a letter to 700 Indian students in this regard. The authorities found that an agent from Jalandhar in Punjab provided fake offer letters to students and got them admitted to Canada College.

According to a media report, these 700 students had applied for student visas through the Education Migration Service Center in Jalandhar for admission in Humber College by paying Rs 16 to 20 lakh per as fees in 2018 onwards till 2022.

The students said that when they reached abroad, they were told that all the seats in the college had been filled and students would have to wait for six months till the next semester. These students were refunded fees by the agency and admitted for the next semester. The students completed their studies in different institutions. After gaining work experience, they applied for Permanent Residency.

During the PR process, when the CBSE checked their documents and previous records, it was found that the offer letter provided by the agent to the students was fake. Following this, the agency issued them notice of deportation.

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