Ontario: In a tragic incident, eight people have suffered injuries during an explosion at an oil refinery in the small Newfoundland town. Three injured were airlifted to St. John’s on Friday night and they are being treated for serious injuries while other five have been treated at the Clarenville hospital for the night.

Authorities have not disclosed the exact location of the explosion yet and investigation is underway. The company that operates the refinery and the RCMP both say the resulting fire was under control soon after the incident took place.

According to the information, this explosion occurred around 4 pm on Friday and many ambulances rushed to the spot for two hours after the incident. All eight injured workers were first transported to Clarenville, about a 30-minute drive west of the refinery. Later, three were shifted to St. John’s, about 180 kilometres southeast in two helicopters around 8:30pm.

Meanwhile, the explosion has created a panic among locals in the small town of Come By Chance, which has about 200 residents.

Reacting to the incident, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “My heart is with Come By Chance, in Newfoundland and Labrador, tonight. To the workers who were injured in the explosion at the refinery: I’m wishing you a fast and full recovery – and I’m keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts. We’re here for you.”

“Very sorry to hear about the incident at the Come By Chance refinery. I have been speaking with representatives of the company and union to share concern and good wishes for the injured workers, their families, friends, and coworkers. Thank you to all responding to this incident,”Premier Andrew Furey wrote on twitter.



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