Chandigarh: Punjab Police has now reached Nepal to arrest fugitive Amritpal Singh of Punjab Police. The Punjab Police is also being supported by the Delhi Police and the Central Intelligence Wing in this operation, sources said.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested Varinder Johal, the gunman closest to Amritpal. The National Security Act has been imposed on him. After this, he has also been sent to Dibrugarh jail in Assam.

So far, 8 accused including him have been sent to Dibrugarh jail. At the same time, the interrogation of Gurkha Baba, the second gunman of Amritpal Singh, is going on.

After Punjab Police, he was also questioned by the Central Intelligence Bureau (IB). From his phone, the police had recovered important documents related to the creation of Khalistan.

Along with this, an investigation has also been started on Amritpal Singh’s Thailand connection. While living in Dubai, Amritpal Singh has visited Thailand many times. Police suspect that Amritpal wants to flee to Thailand via Nepal or Pakistan.

Police see two major reasons behind the Thailand connection. First, Amritpal’s financier Daljit Kalsi has also found connections in Thailand. Daljit Kalsi came to Thailand 18 times in the last 13 years, officials said.

Secondly, Amritpal has also visited Thailand several times. It has also been revealed that a female friend of Amritpal is also in Thailand. Daljit and Amritpal’s connections can easily hide and settle them there.

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