Washington: Two people have been injured in a shooting incident in a Gurudwara in California on Sunday. According to a media report, the incident was not a ‘hate crime’ incident.

The shooting took place at a Gurdwara in Sacramento County, California. According to reports, the condition of both the injured people is critical.

“Two people were shot at a gurdwara in Sacramento County, California,” the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said. The condition of both the injured is critical. The shooting is not a hate crime, but an incident between people who knew each other.”

Amar Gandhi, a spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, said three people were involved in the brawl, which turned into a shooting. According to Amar Gandhi, the “first suspect” had shot the friend of the “second suspect”, and then the “second suspect” fired at the “first suspect” and fled.

“All those involved in the crime seem to be known to each other… The reason behind this seems to be an old incident…” The investigation of the firing is going on, police said.

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive database, nearly 44,000 people died last year due to guns in the US, of which nearly half were due to murder, accident and self-defense, and the remaining half were suicides incidents.

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