Ontario: NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said that he is not satisfied with the party’s confidence and supply agreement with the Liberals. The agreement was signed during this week a year ago. He said that he can run the country much better than the present government.

“So it’s led to me that I am not getting any satisfaction with the situation I am in,” Singh said. Under the deal, the NDP has pledged to help the Liberals stay in power by 2025, and in return they have pledged to advance some of the party’s preferred policies.

In an interview, Jagmeet Singh said that he was happy that he could fulfill some of the commitments through an agreement with the Liberals. In this regard, he described the first phase of the National Dental Care Program as a successful initiative. He said that although his policies are being implemented in this way, he is not satisfied with it.

He said he wants to take decisions on his own in the interest of the people and be in a position where he can influence decisions. He said that if the reins of power are in his hands, then much more can be done.

Meanwhile, there are some items from the Confidence and Supply Deal that are expected to be in the federal budget to be presented on Tuesday, such as the expansion of the dental care program. But to prevent inflation from rising, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has planned to exercise fiscal restraint in the budget and has also promised to spend in designated places to help Canadians struggling with inflation.

Jagmeet Singh said that he agreed to spend thoughtfully and on the selected places and also believes that by increasing the dental care program and GST exemption, he can help Canadians further.

Pertinently, in January, Jagmeet Singh had told his Caucus that if any of the conditions of the agreement are broken by the government and if the government refuses to accept some points from the deal with us, then we also have the right to withdraw the support given to the government.

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