According to a nationwide survey, home rents have climbed steeply over past 1 year.

The national report from shows Metro Vancouver has the highest average rents in the country.

The average rent for all Canadian properties listed for rent on in April 2022 was $1,821 per month, an annual increase of 9% from $1,676 per month in April 2021.

A one Bedroom unit in Vancouver rents for an average of $2334, highest in the Country followed by Toronto where average rent is $2065 for a single bedroom Unit.

Burnaby & Surrey ranked 6th and 14th respectively on the list.

Average rent for a single bedroom unit in Burnaby was assessed at $1883 and two bedroom unit at $2563.

In Surrey average price for a single unit was assessed at $1655 and two bedroom unit at $2080.

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