Victoria: The B.C. government has introduced a legislation that aims to prohibit the use of illegal drugs in public places, including parks, on beaches, near doorways and bus stops. 

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth on Thursday introduced the Restricting Public Consumption of Illegal Substance Act. 

He says the new law, if passed, will not criminally punish people for using illegal substances in public areas but like current laws related to consumption of tobacco or alcohol, it will permit law enforcement to ask the person to stop consuming drugs or move to another safe location. 

While speaking to Sher-E-Punjab radio, Farnworth said the province has adopted “progressive enforcement” as it is not related to a criminal issue. He said it is related to health as people are facing the issue of addiction.  

The Public Safety Minister said the police will help the person move to another location.

“If a particular person doesn’t follow the police order, drugs can be confiscated and that person will be subjected to provincial offence,” he said in the Jasbir Romana show. 


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