Brampton: Mayoral Candidate Nikki Kaur, who lost to Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown in the municipal elections, said she was fired the very next day.

Nikki Kaur, a former director in the City of Brampton, claimed that she was fired from her job without any notice. She said that to become the mayor of Brampton, she ran a very strong campaign and tried to maintain unity and honesty in the City Hall.

“On Tuesday afternoon, her services were terminated without any prior notice at the City of Brampton,” Kaur said.

On Monday, Brown was elected mayor of Brampton after winning with 60 per cent of the vote, while Nikki Kaur came in second with 25.5 per cent share of the vote.

Nikki Kaur said incumbent mayor is attempting to gag her voice for exposing the alleged irregularities and mismanagement at the city hall.

She said she would still not sit quietly and would always raise her voice for what was right. She will complete the next proceedings through her lawyers.

No comment has yet come form the Mayor Brown’s spokesman in this regard.

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