Ontario: With gas prices rising again over the next two days, most drivers in southern Ontario will want to fill the gas today.

According to Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, gas prices is set to climb by six cents per liter overnight. On Thursday, these prices will increase further and they will increase to 173.9 cents per liter.

“Gas Price: After rising 6 cts/l Wednesday, #GasPrices to RISE 7 cts/l Thursday to 173.9 for #Toronto #GTA #Ottawa #Kitchener #Hamilton #LdnOnt #Barrie #Kingston #Niagara #Windsor, while #Montreal rises to 190.9,” Dan McTeague said in a tweet.

Earlier, such an increase in gas prices in Ontario took place on August 12, when it reached 175 cents per liter.

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