London: Britain’s newly-appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday announced some of the senior-most Cabinet posts, including Suella Braverman as her Home Secretary.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is considered an important department and before Suella in Boris Johnson’s government, Priti Patel was on this post.

She resigned from the post after Liz was elected PM on Monday.

Braverman, who initially stood up against Truss in the Conservative Party leader’s election, had extended her support to Truss instead of former finance minister and Indian-origin Rishi Sunak after being eliminated from the contest.

Therefore, it was already believed that Braverman is likely to get an important position in Liz Truss’s cabinet.

In addition, Theresi Coffey has been made Deputy Prime Minister and Quasi Quarteng is the Finance Minister in the top team of Truss. James Cleverley holds charge of the State Department and Wendy Morton has been appointed as parliamentary minister of the Treasury.

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