Calgary : Despite initial reductions in water use, residents’ consumption surged Thursday evening, jeopardizing the city’s water supply. The break in the Bearspaw South water feedermain—a crucial pipeline installed in 1975—has led to severe water restrictions and a boil water advisory.

City officials urge residents to cut water use by 25% through measures like shorter showers, delayed laundry, and fewer toilet flushes. Businesses must halt non-essential water use, and the city has enacted Stage 4 outdoor water restrictions, including a ban on using dishwashers and washing machines. The Calgary Fire Department has also imposed a fire ban, citing public safety concerns.

Enforcement includes fines starting at $3,000 for water misuse and up to $5,000 for violating the fire ban. Police addressed 56 cases of water misuse on Thursday alone.

The city’s crews are working around the clock to repair the break, hoping to identify its source soon. Residents in affected areas must boil water for drinking and food preparation until further notice. The city’s response is being likened to community efforts during the 2013 floods, emphasizing collective action to overcome the crisis.
Calgary faces a critical water shortage due to a major break in a key water pipeline. Officials urge drastic water conservation measures and enforce strict bans, with significant penalties for non-compliance. The boil water advisory remains active as repair efforts continue.

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