Canada’s immigration application inventory has now reached 2.7 million people, making the country’s immigration system one of the most backlogged in the world. This represents a 300,000-person increase over the past six weeks. The backlog of pending cases has nearly doubled over the past year and nearly tripled since the start of the pandemic.


It has progressed as follows since last July:

As of July 15, the citizenship inventory stood at 444,792 applicants, up from 394,664 on June 1.

The permanent residence inventory stood at 514,116 as of July 17, compared to 522,047 on June 6.

As of July 17, the inventory of temporary residences stood at 1,720,123 persons, an increase of 249,940 people since June 6.

As of July 17, there are 51,616 Express Entry applicants waiting on decisions. This represents a significant reduction from the 88,903 reported on March 15.

The overall inventory of family class applicants was 118,251 persons as of June 27 compared to 112,837 persons on June 6.

The number of persons in the Spouses, Partners and Children Program inventory increased to 68,159 in early July. The figure includes Spouses and Partners as well as those in the Children and Other Family Class categories.


CIC News received this data from IRCC


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