Ontario: Canada’s Minister for Environment and Climate Change Steven Gilbo has acknowledged that the average Canadian may have to pay a much higher carbon price than it gets back in rebate payment. But he stressed that the Liberal government has several other programs to reduce Canadians’ energy-related costs.

This weekend, the carbon price has increased by $50 to $65 per tonne. According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, consumers will have to pay the brunt of this on gas pumps, and per liter where Canadians now pay $11.05, they will have to spend $14.31.

The hike comes days after a parliamentary budget officer (PBO) report said carbon prices are expected to touch 170 per tonne by 2030. At that time most Canadians will suffer losses.

In an interview, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said that although Canadians may have to pay a higher carbon price despite the increase in carbon prices and exemptions, the system has been designed to keep it equal that wealthy Canadians will have to pay big bills.

He said that the government has initiated an incentive program to purchase electric vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint and at the same time energy retrofits will be used to reduce the cost of heating in homes.

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