Toronto: Toronto police have issued a warning who takes unregulated drugs to use “extreme caution” after four cases of overdose were reported by the police in the downtown East area of the city.

In a release issued on April 2, the police said officials of the 51st Division had to flee from four different places on Saturday following reports of sudden drug overdose.

It was only after this that police issued a public safety alert. “It is believed that all overdoses and deaths were due to the use of fentanyl distributed in downtown core of the city,” it said in a release.

The police have appealed to everyone that if anyone suffers after taking drugs, they should immediately go to the emergency room or call 911 or go to the walk-in clinic immediately for treatment.

People looking for facilities for the treatment of drug use should visit the Connex Ontario website or call 211 or call the Center for Addiction and Mental Health at 1-800-463-2338, police said.

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