London: King Charles has officially become Britain’s new monarch on Saturday. The announcement was made at the Privy Council meeting at St James’s Palace.

Now, he will be called King Charles III. Charles has inherited his father’s title Duke of Cornwall and his wife Camilla will now be called duchess of Cornwall.

The Privy Council comprises senior MPs, senior civil servants, the Commonwealth High Commissioner and the Lord Mayor of London. Generally, over 700 people attend the event, but this time there was no scope for such a number, as the event is being held at short notice.

At the event, Penny Mordant, Lord President of the Privy Council, first announced the death of Elizabeth II. The announcement came in a loud voice. After this, there were many prayers, the achievements of the Queen were told. Also, the merits of the new king were also counted.

The manifesto was signed by several senior officials including the Prime Minister, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Chancellor.

Even after becoming king, Charles will have to wait for coronation, because its preparations will take time. Earlier, Queen Elizabeth also had to wait for about 16 months. Her father died in February 1952, but she was crowned in June 1953.

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