Amritsar: Police have remaining second Nihang in connection with the murder of a young man near golden temple in Amritsar, Punjab.

After being caught, it was found that the second Nihang is a minor, due to which the police have kept his identity confidential.

At the same time, the other Nihang has also given a video to the police, in which tobacco is seen in the hand of the fleeing woman.

According to the information received from the police, after the murder, both Nihang had gone to Tarn Taran, while Ramandeep was working as usual in Hotel God Gift located in front of the crime scene.

When the police were examining the CCTV inside, Ramandeep was sitting on a stool outside the hotel. The police immediately arrested him from there, while Charanjit was nabbed from Tarn Taran yesterday.

With the help of Charanjit’s trail and cyber cell, the police also reached the second Nihang.


The minor was traced at the time of arrest

When the police arrested the third accused, it was found that he was a minor. The second Nihang is just 15 years old. After which the police informed the higher authorities and juvenile rules were followed to arrest him. Now the police will produce the accused in the juvenile court.

What was the case

Police said that a quarrel was believed to be broke out over smoking and chewing tobacco, with an unidentified young woman accompanied by decreased.

According to the information, Nihang had stopped the young woman and youth were walking with the bike. After which the Nihangs took out the keys of the bike and the quarrel escalated. The matter escalated so much that the deceased Harmanjit Singh was attacked by Nihangs and Ramanjit Singh.

The young woman also left the place after seeing the quarrel. On the other hand, Harman died on the spot due to excessive bleeding.

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