Toronto: NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, in his Caucus meeting held on Wednesday, spoke about his victory in the federal budget and congratulated everyone. But what was missing from the NDP leader’s speech and from the budget 2023-24 spending plan was the party’s top priority, pharmacare.

The Confidence and Supply Agreement in exchange for NDP support mainly included the condition that the government would introduce a bill on the pharmacare framework by the end of this year. Although there is no talk from both the parties about this, both the parties say that everything is still on track.

Asked if the budget included several priorities of the NDP but there was no mention of the most important and important pharmacare, Jagmeet Singh said, “We have been able to bring the government to where talks can be held. But the NDP leader described the government’s promise in the budget presented on Tuesday to spend several billion dollars in the new dental care program as his victory.

On the one hand, political experts and conservatives are calling this budget an NDP-inspired budget, in such a situation, the NDP says that if this had been the case, then some amount would have been reserved in this budget for pharmacare as well.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters on Wednesday on the issue, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that for Canadians, his government will breathe only by reducing the prices of medicines.

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