Ottawa: With the federal health care funding deal is in the headlines, and issues like health care, inflation and the economy remain a matter of concern for the entire country, the Liberals are once again getting the support of the voters, due to which they are facing a tough competition with the Conservatives.

Speaking at an event, Nick Nanos, chairman of the Nanos Research Group, said healthcare remains a matter of national concern at the moment.

Canada’s premiers have agreed to accept the Liberals’ health care funding deal. For the past one week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in the news all over due to this issue. With this, the wind has been turning towards the Liberals for the last four weeks.

The Conservatives had been ahead of the Liberals since December, but since mid-January, the Liberals began to receive positive support from voters, leaving the gap between the two parties small.

At present, the situation is such that both the parties are getting the support of 33 percentage points and there is a fierce contest between the two.

Nanos said Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre keeps the Liberals in the dock over issues such as affordable housing and law and order, but has remained silent on the issue of health care.

Meanwhile, there has also been an increase in the support of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. He currently enjoys the support of 21 per cent of the electorate. This could be a wake-up call for the Liberals as they have a confidence and supply agreement with the NDP.

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