Ontario: Ontario Premier Doug Ford has expressed concern that a lefty mayor being elected after John Tory resigns will be disaster for the city. He also said that this is not an opportune time for a change in leadership.

Speaking to reporters at an announcement in Brampton on Wednesday, Ford said that if a lefty mayor is elected at this time, there will be a lot of chaos. The comments came after Tory announced his decision to resign after the affair came to light. Tory has not yet formally resigned. Tory was said to have resigned after a vote on the 2023 city budget.

Ford and Tory have been each other’s steadfast allies for many years. The Agenda of the Progressive Conservatives has been supported by the Tory without much negation.

This includes giving the mayor other powers, including amending bylaws and passing the budget.

In the case of Tory’s affair, Ford said he would not say anything about it because it was his personal matter. But in the meantime Ford gave enough information about Tory’s achievements.

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