New Delhi, September 15

As COVID cases in India near five million, the government looked for positive signs in disease management with daily new cases dropping for the second day in a row and daily new recoveries maintaining a stable growth every 24 hours.

The total cases have reached 49,30,236 with 83,809 new infections.

The daily new cases dropped for the second day in a row from 96,551 on September 13 and 92,071 on September 14 to 83,809 on September 15. This was also the first time in four days that the daily cases dropped below 90,000.

Recoveries over 24 hours rose to 79,292 as against 77,512 on Monday and 70,880 on Sunday.

Daily new deaths also fell from 1,136 on Monday to 1,054 on Tuesday with case fatality rate dropping to 1.64 per cent as against the global average of 3.2 per cent.

The Health Ministry said India’s recovery rate had reached 78.28 per cent and 60 per cent of total active cases are in five states as have been recent trends.

The total recovered cases stand at 38,59,399 and as of today India has 9,90,061 patients under treatment.

Close to half (48.8 per cent) of the active cases are in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Kerala and Telangana contribute close to a quarter (24.4 pc) of the active cases.

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu contribute 60.35 per cent of the total active cases and are reporting close to 60 per cent (59.42 per cent) of the total recovered cases.

Among 1,054 case fatalities in the past 24 hours, 69 per cent are concentrated in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.

More than 37 per cent of the total deaths reported are from Maharashtra (29,894). The state reported 34.44 per cent of the deaths in the last 24 hours (363).


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