New Delhi: Amid the ongoing controversy over Delhi’s excise policy, social activist Anna Hazare has written a letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, condemning him for being intoxicated with power and forgetting the ideologies and values of the movement that founded the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

According to him, Kejriwal has lost his ideology after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Anna Hazare wrote, “This is the first time I am writing to you after you became the Chief Minister. The latest news about the Delhi government on the liquor scam is disappointing. I am inspired by Gandhiji and his ideology. Based on this, I have dedicated my life to the people, society and the country. For the last 47 years, I have been working for the betterment of the society and corruption.”

He further said,” You wrote a book called ‘Swaraj’ where you wrote about ideals.There were a lot of expectations from you then but after entering politics and becoming the chief minister you have forgotten the ideology. Like alcohol addiction, power is also a drug. It seems as if you are intoxicated with power.”

He wrote that In every ward, Kejriwal opened a liquor shop and changed liquor consumption age limit from 25 years to 21 years. They are promoting liquor.

“I wrote a letter to him for the first time against this. When I was protesting, he used to call me his ‘guru’, where are those feelings now?”

Reacting to this, Kejriwal said that they (BJP) were saying there was a scam in the liquor policy but the CBI said there was no scam. People are not listening to them. Now they are defaming AAP through Anna Hazare. This is common in politics.

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