Ottawa: A new study revealed that the drinking over six drinks per week leads to an increased risk of a host of health issues, including cancer and experts say that this amount should have been taken once a week to avoid any kind of serious disease.

In a recent report, the Canadian Center for Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) said that taking a peg of alcohol daily has a various health risks associated with it. Due to this, there is a risk of heart diseases, stroke and cancer and for women who have three or more drinks per week, the risk of health issues increases more.

Therefore, to avoid diseases, a person should either not drink alcohol or take two drinks a week.

In North America, alcoholic beverages (such as beer, wine, cocktails) typically contain an estimated 14 grams of alcohol.

With one drink daily, a person consumes 98 grams of alcohol a week.

Similarly, taking six drinks a week makes a person high risk to suffer from health problems. The group is also demanding that safe amounts of alcohol be labelled on alcoholic drinks.

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