New Delhi: Go First has decided to cancel all its flights on May 3 and 4. However, after this decision of Go First, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued a show-cause notice to the airlines.

Also, the airlines have been asked to respond within 24 hours in this matter. GoFirst has decided to suspend flights due to funding issues.

In a notice sent to Go First, the DGCA said that no prior notice was given to the DGCA regarding this. Airlines will have to tell the regulator before doing so that they want to cancel all scheduled flights, otherwise it will be a violation of civil aviation rules.

In the notice, the DGCA said that GoFirst has failed to give a written report on cancellation of flights and give reasons.

Go First described this decision as unfortunate and said that we have to take it to protect the interests of the company. It said that flights have been canceled due to operational reasons. The company has also conveyed its decision to the government and the DGCA has also been informed.

The airline alleged in the statement that a Singapore-based intermediary had placed an order with P&W to deliver at least 10 serviceable spare leased engines and 10 more engines (i.e. one every month) by December this year. However, P&W did not deliver the order.

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