Vancouver, BC – The Dhahan Prize  announces the 2021 winners awarded for excellence in Punjabi literature. The Dhahan Prize promotes Punjabi literature on a global scale by awarding $25,000 annually to the best book of fiction published in either Gurmukhi or Shahmukhi scripts, along with two finalist prizes of $10,000 CDN each.

Dhahan Prizes 2021Dhahan Prizes 2021
2021 Winners and Finalists of the Dhahan Prize in Punjabi Literature are:
• Winner ~ $25,000: Shahmukhi Script Jogi, Sap, Trah (‘Snake Charmer’s Fear’), Short stories by Nain Sukh (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan))
• Finalist ~ $10,000: Gurmukhi Script Apne Apne Marseia (‘Journeys’), Short stories by Sarghi (Amritsar, Punjab, India)
• Finalist ~ $10,000: Gurmukhi script Mitti Bol Peye (‘The Earth Speaks’), Novel by Balbir Madhopuri (New Delhi, India)
“These winning books explore globally relevant issues of inequality, discrimination, patriarchy and the struggle of the oppressed for freedom and equal rights. They are hopeful narratives of people finding their own unique voices as they journey on in fast changing relationships” says Barj S. Dhahan.

The Dhahan Prize is thrilled that the winner of the eighth annual award is the expansive collection of short stories written in the Shahmukhi script by the renowned author Nain Sukh. The Central Jury cites, “This is a unique book on the ‘real’ or ‘original’ inhabitants of Punjab.

A literary milestone in Punjabi…A brilliant and non religious celebration of Punjabi heritage and rich cultural traditions.” The Dhahan Prize is the richest literary award in South Asia’s indigenous languages celebrating the rich history of the Punjabi literature.

The Prize aims to inspire the creation of Punjabi literature across borders, bridging Punjabi communities around the world, and promoting Punjabi literature on a global scale. The awards garner critical acclaim and significant exposure for aspiring and established writers. The Dhahan Prize was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Punjabi people, language, and culture have flourished for over a century. Punjabi is now the 3rd most spoken language in Canada and is a strong thread in the multicultural fabric of the nation. The prize is funded by Barj and Rita Dhahan, and family and friends

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